Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wednesday’s Waves – Overhead swells…Get on it!

Wednesday there is going to be plenty of surf…maybe even a little too much for some areas. There should be decent shape at spots that can handle the swell mix.

In the water we have a mix of new SW swell (185-210) and new WNW swell (280-300)…both of which are already showing some solid energy on the buoys. These swells will start to hit their peaks overnight and hold energy into Wednesday…the WNW’er will actually hold into the weekend as more reinforcing swells move in behind it.

Wave heights will be consistently in the shoulder-head high range for the average exposed spots. Top SW and WNW breaks will see overhead+ sets. Standout spots, particularly the combo breaks, have to potential to go a couple of feet+ overhead on the bigger waves.

Winds should be good as well, at least through the morning. Expect variable to NW flow around 3-5 knots in the morning and then onshore NW winds around 10-15 knots by mid-afternoon.

You are basically going to be able to surf any where you want tomorrow. There will be enough swell in the water that almost every spot, except the most protected, will have some sort of surf coming through. Your best bet is going to be a spot that can handle a little juice…some of the beach breaks may have a little too much water moving around...so you might think about the better points and reefs. Because these swells have some longer-period energy there may be some deceptive lulls between sets…make sure to watch the beach for a while before paddling out.

Random Side Note: I surfed HB at lunch here on Tuesday and it was freaking good…some easy 4-6’ sets with some nice a-framed shape and open shoulders…if the wind had been offshore it would have been unreal.

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