Friday, March 21, 2008

Waves for the Weekend – A few fun ones…good to wash the dust off at least.

There will be some surf this weekend…nothing to get super jazzed about but still fun enough to schedule a morning session or two.

In the water on both Saturday and Sunday we will have a mix of small, sort of inconsistent, S-SW swell and a blend of WNW energy.

Most spots will hold around waist-chest high. Standout breaks in Orange County, San Diego, the South Bay, and a few spots in Ventura, will have some chest-shoulder high sets in the mornings.

There is a high tide that peaks around 10-11am on both days so expect the surf to bog out really fast as we move past the dawn patrol.

Conditions look decent too…mostly light and variable winds in the morning with some onshore NW texture around 12-knots in the afternoons.

Your best for finding decent surf is to get up early. We don’t really have enough energy to break through the high tide so if you don’t grab a few before the water gets too high you might not be able to find anything that isn’t really swamped out. Beach breaks, particularly well exposed combo beach breaks, will have the best shape. If you are a bigger guy, like me, bring your small wave gear, there won’t be a ton of push to the surf and you are going to need all the help you can get.

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