Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last week of "What's in Adam's Stocking"!

It’s been a great December and we are kicking this week off with some great prizes and some great waves – hallelujah!

Pay extra attention to our Facebook wall this week. We’ve got some very cool prizes every day. We’ve got stuff from Volcom, Oakley, Foam E-Z, Vita Coco and of course yours truly Solspot.

Stay tuned to the daily Southern California Surf forecast on for all your surf weather needs and a heads up on “What’s in Adam’s Stocking?”

Monday, October 24, 2011

Free HD Surf Cam #22, Das River Jetties. « Solspot

Free HD Surf Cam #22, Das River Jetties. « Solspot

Solspot is stoked to announce our newest sponsor McKenna VW (a great place to buy a VW but the worst to drive past while playing “bug punch”). That's right, Surf City VW has joined the Solspot family and you know what that means. Sponsors keep the site free, sponsors make the site better! With the addition of McKenna VW we are launching FREE HD surf cam #22 River Jetties.

Arguably one of the best FREE HD surf cams in our network it is nestled back in upper Newport. This camera points up at River Jetties and slowly pans down the coast into upper Newport Beach. Depending on when you catch the pan this makes our 4th Huntington Beach or 2nd Newport Beach cam. Either way, we look at as another way for you to score more surf.

Make sure to click the post for more information and some ways to win free swag!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ocean Science 101: Upwelling, Downwelling, and other random acts of shrinkage

I’ve been getting a lot of questions this summer about upwelling and downwelling and while I have written a lot about the effects of these phenomenon I haven’t really took the time to sit down and explain exactly what they are…so here it goes, I will try not to get two nerdy in the explanation but hey no promises.


Most of you know or have heard the term upwelling and that it usually means that it is time to break out a thicker wetsuit, put away the boardshorts, and in some areas get ready for the combination ice-cream headache duckdive and the “claw” that your hands twist into after an extended cold water surf session. Just in case you haven’t heard of upwelling I will give you the quick and dirty definition first, which is: Upwelling is a process where cold water at the bottom of ocean is pulled from the lower depths and is brought to the ocean surface.

If you really want to get into the oceanography-nerdery there are actually 5 types of upwelling being researched by oceanographers:

1. Coastal upwelling
2. Large-scale wind-driven upwelling in the ocean interior
3. Upwelling associated with eddies
4. Topographically-associated upwelling
5. Broad-diffusive upwelling in the ocean interior.

The main types of upwelling that affect us as surfers are coastal upwelling and upwelling that are associated with eddies (which for Southern California are essentially the same thing.) more...

Visit the website to get the full scoop

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New swell and a new FREE HD Surf cam… Solspot is showing our O-Face :)

In case you live under a rock and you haven’t heard, there is new swell on the way. The swell starts to trickle in on Wednesday and goes off Thursday and stays with us through the weekend. Time to think about cancelling that trip to Vegas for your fantasy draft and think about surfing.

In other news we are launching our 17th FREE HD Surf Cam. Oh yeah, O…O…O…Oceanside you are up on deck. The new cam has a great view. The cam is not just a regular fixed position thing-a-ma-jiggy. Nope, not for our friends in North San Diego. We went all out and got a cam that pans up and down the beach and also zooms into the hot break zones.

Check it out by clicking here

So to recap here’s what you get. Swell + Free Cam = O-yeah!

Enjoy the swell and post some pics of you scoring (waves) on our facebook page.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Solspot announces FREE surf cam #16 – The HB Waterfront Cam! « Solspot

Solspot announces FREE surf cam #16 – The HB Waterfront Cam! « Solspot

We've got HB covered...good shots of both the North and South sides of the Pier, a whole stretch of city beach that no one has, and now thanks to the Waterfront Hilton we have a great overview of the whole area. Check out the camera when you have a chance.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Boo overpriced surf cameras. Hooray FREE HD Malibu Surf Cam!

Solspot is giving you longboarders (and shortboarders when the swell is PUMPING) something to cheer about. We just lit up our FREE HD Malibu camera. We’ve got to give a special shout out to our friends at Red Stripe and Jeremiah Weed. When we get sponsors to support the site we use that money to make the site better. Next time you’re thirsty grab a 6’r of Red Stripe or a couple of those big ol’ Jeremiah Weed cans and show your support.

To get to the camera roll over the “Cams & Spots” drop down, then rollover “HD Cameras” and click “Malibu”

You can also take the easy way and get to the camera by clicking this link...(or the picture of the camera page)

Feel free to share the love for our sponsors in the below comments section. They always get stoked to hear from you.

Team Solspot.