Friday, March 7, 2008

Waves for the Weekend – More fun surf and warmer water

Now before you get all worked up about warm water…warm is a relative term. It is no longer ice-cream-headache cold but you are still going to be wearing a wetsuit… Well unless you are covered with a ridiculous amount of man-hair (you know who you are)…then you might be able to trunk it for a few minutes before hypothermia sets in.

Ok on to the surf.

The weekend is looking pretty fun.

We are going to have a mix of the S-SW and WNW swell for both Saturday and Sunday. (with the WNW’er being a bit stronger on Sunday). Wave heights for both days will be in the waist-chest high+ range at the average spots while the standout areas…the good combo break spots…see some shoulder-head high surf.

It will be pretty similar to what we had all week…so if you found a few good waves at your favorite spots over the last few days then you will probably find similar waves there over the weekend too.

Definitely expect the biggest surf to show around San Diego and through select areas in OC, Ventura, and the South Bay. So if you are looking for bigger waves you are going to want to focus on these areas.

Winds should be nice as well…mostly light in the mornings with some moderate onshore texture developing through the afternoons.

Tides will be an issue…same as they have been all week…so expect soft, even smaller, shape as the tide peaks midmorning. The dawn patrol on Sunday may be a bit better than Saturday just because the tide peak is a little later in the day. You will be rolling the dice if you try and wait out the tide…the winds have been getting to it before the shape improves all that much.

Have fun out there…I’ll probably see you in the water.

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