Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thursday’s Surf – Waves with a touch of the Swamp Thing

Thursday will be another surf day…and other day that starts off by getting buried by the morning high tide.

Swellwise we will have the seemingly endless combo swell mix of both WNW and SW energy. Unfortunately these swells will have to try and push surf through a 5.6’ high tide that peaks around 7:30-8am.

Since the tide peak is a little later in the morning than the last couple of days there may be a small surf window right as the sun comes up…literally…and if you want to try and get a few waves before the shape totally bogs out you are going to want to be changing into your suit in the dark and paddling out before you can really see anything.

Once the tide peaks expect surf in the waist-chest high+ range for most spots…but expect a lot of that size to be shorebreak. Standout high-tide combo spots will be bigger…closer to shoulder high+ but shape will be slow at those breaks as well.

As the tide drops through mid-morning expect a lot of improvement. The average exposed breaks will get more consistently into the waist-shoulder high range and the standouts will see head high sets. Expect the biggest and most consistent surf through the best combo spots in San Diego and Orange County.

Winds look better for Thursday…expect light NE winds around 5-8 knots through the morning with some onshore NW texture below 10 knots developing through the afternoon.

Your best bet for surf on Thursday…if you just can’t motivate yourself to become a Dawn Patrol Warrior…is to wait for the tide to drop. I think the winds will hold off a bit longer than they have compared to the last couple of days so we may have less bump on the water as the tide becomes less of an issue. I think beach breaks and the reefs will have the most fun shape but the points will have workable waves (on the lower tide) as well.

Here is a random beach picture from the other night…the surf isn’t great but it was a nice shot…makes me want to have a mai-tai…

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