Sunday, March 23, 2008

Monday’s Surf – Happy Easter!

Hey Gang Happy Easter!

(You should be reading this on Sunday...if not then you are probably abusing your company's internet policy)

I hope you all got to enjoy an incredible day out at the beach today…(there were even a few waves before the tide got to high.) Surfing when it is 80-degrees along the beach, even when the waves are small, is still a pretty good time.

Anyway enough about Sunday on to Monday…

Monday will be a similar day to Sunday (heh yeah I am retarded sometimes), it will be a surf day in the morning but the building tide and generally smaller swell will start to shut it down through the early afternoon.

We will have a mix of leftover WNW energy and some decent but inconsistent SW swell. Most spots will be around knee-waist high+. The standout combo breaks…mostly through Orange County and San Diego…will have a few chest high sets.

Winds and weather will be similar to Sunday as well. Mostly light and variable to light offshore winds in the morning…and light onshore winds in the afternoon. It should be sunny and warm most of the day too…but watch for some patchy fog in the morning for some areas.

Really with these types of swells, and weather, there is not much point in driving to far to find surf…your best bet is to check your local breaks and if it isn’t totally flat, paddle out, grab a few and then sit on the sand and get some sun...that’s what I will be doing tomorrow.

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