Monday, March 17, 2008

Random Morning Update: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hey gang I hope you all had a good weekend drinking green beer…(I know I did, which is probably why I am finally getting around to posting an update this morning…hahaha)

Anyway the surf has made a major clean-up from the weekend this morning and while it is still looking a little windswelly shapewise it is definitely surfable.

Our swell is a mix of WNW energy, part storm swell, part longer-period windswell. Most exposed breaks throughout the region are running in the shoulder high+ range. Standout breaks, mostly in San Diego, Southern Ventura, and the South Bay, are seeing consistent overhead sizes. San Diego in particular is going a couple of feet plus overhead, which is testament to the steeper NW swell angle that is skipping past a lot of breaks. (Northern Baja will also be pretty good size…probably bigger than SD in a lot of places).

Shape is pretty dumpy, stacked up, and a bit crumbly despite light offshore winds…it is just the shorter period swell more than anything.

These waves won’t last that long…it should be dropping fast by this afternoon…so if you don’t mind the lumpy, sectiony shape, and the super cold water (thanks to the upwelling over the weekend)…then I would try and get on it.


Anonymous said...

Guinness Wright--Hummm it does have a ring to it!!


spencer said...

i really appreciate you helping us laymen how to forecast surf. i would imagine most of us are familiar with the buoy forecasts, but as far as another external link, what do you use to forecast wind?

Adam Wright said...


Here is a great link to both observed/forecasted wind conditions for southern california.

The longer the wind arrows are the stronger the wind is...

hope this helps


spencer said...