Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Random Swell Alert: UPDATE!

Warning this post is a little geeky…well actually it is really geeky. (But it has a pretty picture so that should make up for it.)

Things are looking good for that S-SW swell that is heading out to a ton of California, Baja, Mainland Mexico, and Central America breaks next week. (Click Here if you haven’t read that post).

The storm got nice an intense over the last couple of days…and we were lucky enough to have the weather satellites get some good passes over the system.

You saw the QUIKSCAT (the name of the satellite) winds showing 50+ knots in the storm core in the other post…but all that wind doesn’t mean much without it generating sizeable seas.

Well today we got a good pass from the Jason-1 satellite, that actually records sea-height…and it is showing 38-40’ seas in this storm…with a good portion of those seas along the side of the system that has been generating that S-SW swell.

Here is a good image from that satellite…

This image is from Mark, who runs the site and is another one of the wavewatch forecasters, has done an amazing job putting together one of the most detail/data oriented forecast sites available. Make sure to check it out when you get a chance…you can find the Jason-1 data here.

What is doubley cool about this picture is that Mark has overlaid the Jason-1 data over the WaveWatchIII (NOAA’s swell model), so you can see if the “forecast” is living up to “reality”. In this case it is, which is nice for us because it means the swell is on the way!

Ok enough geekiness…basically what this comes down to is that the storm is still looking good and the swell that I was forecasting for next week is still on the way. Right now sizes look like what I was calling for in my first post.

Keep checking back I will have more updates on this swell as we get closer.

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