Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Swell Alert: UPDATE! (part ménage-a-three)

Just wanted to give one last update on this swell. Things are still looking nice and solid for the Mexico and Central America regions.

I did want to slightly revise the Baja Norte and Southern California forecasts for this swell. At this point it looks like the swell has a lot of long-period energy in it so it looks like the peak of the swell will arrive a bit more on the 12th than the 13th.

Wave heights will still be the same but I am not expecting wave heights at the S facing spots to come up fairly fast on Wednesday the 12th, start peaking in the afternoon and then holding into sundown. Thursday will still have plenty of size but the we should be past the peak of the swell and wave heights/consistency and energy will be slowly fading by the end of the day.

Make sure to read the other posts concerning this swell…especially post #1 (it has all the juicy wave heights in it).

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Here is one more picture of the swell…this is showing the peak swell periods as this one starts to arrive. You can see that it is mixing with a WNW swell (more combo swell fun!). This image is forecast for late night on the 11th so expect the swell to be coming up on the 12th.

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