Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Surf on Wednesday – New WNW swell…but make sure to read the small print

Wednesday will be a surf day…(wait for it)…for select areas.

In the water we will have a new WNW swell (290-300) and some small SW energy. The WNW swell will be a little too steep to make it into most breaks…a lot of the energy is actually about the 295 range so it will skip over a lot of Southern California.

The average spots, that have little exposure to the WNW’er will be around knee-waist high off the mix of small SW swell and leftover windswell.

The better NW facing spots in Ventura, the LA South Bay, and most of San Diego will be bigger with waves more consistently in the waist-shoulder high range. Standout spots, in southern Ventura, and South San Diego (and northern Baja) will have some head high almost overhead sets mixing in on the better tides.

Weather and winds will be nice…mostly light and variable to light offshore for most of SoCal in the morning. Onshore winds out of the NW build in around 10-12 knots through the afternoon.

Check out this CDIP swell map…(psst I made some really subtle notes on it…you will have to look close)

Listen if you are looking for bigger, (shoulder-head high+), surf your best bet is to head down to San Diego, particularly spots from La Jolla southward. Northern Baja would be a good bet as well.

Unfortunately most of us can’t take the day off and just drive around like some sort of nomadic surf herder…so if you have to stay close, and don’t live in SD, then expect the surf to be smaller and a bit softer…probably even better for a fish, (or a longboard at a purely summer spot). Personally, because I have been chained to this computer (I ordered a hacksaw on craigslist!), I will probably just keep an eye on the local beach breaks…if they start looking fun on the surf-cams I will probably motivate and go catch a few.

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