Monday, March 17, 2008

Tuesday’s Surf – A few leftovers and maybe an ice cream headache or two...

Tuesday will be a surf day but overall it will be on the small side…and it will be cold, both in the air and the water, particularly in the morning.

We will have a mix of fading WNW windswell and some minor SW energy. Most spots will drop into the knee-waist high range while a few of the best standouts in San Diego see some chest high sets.

There will be a new WNW swell (290-300) that starts moving into Santa Barbara and Ventura late in the afternoon but don’t expect much to show before sundown. This swell will actually be better on Wednesday…topping out around head high at spots exposed to the steeper swell angle.

Winds will be OK as well…mostly light and variable in the morning with SW-W winds around 10+ knots in the afternoon.

I think Tuesday will be a fun day if you have the right mindset and plan on surfing around mid-morning when the air finally gets a chance to warm up. Personally I think it will be better for a longboard or a fish (your best small wave gear). The best waves will likely be at the beach breaks that will be able to pick out the most of the swell mix.

Really though I am not very excited about the surf tomorrow…there isn’t a lot of energy in the water, water temps have dropped due to the strong winds we had over the weekend, and to be honest I am a little jaded after getting so many good days over the last few weeks. (I know…poor me).

Anyway if you don’t mind Longboarding or are just learning Tuesday should be fun…try and get a few before the winds come up in the afternoon.

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