Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tom Servais Slideshow @ the Surfing Heritage Foundation – Recap

The Servais slideshow the other night at the Surfing Heritage Foundation to put it bluntly was pretty damn sweet.

They had the show in the SHF office and showroom which is filled with more historically important surfboards and gear than I have ever seen in one place. It was incredible to watch and listen to Tom, (and Pat O’Connell), tell the stories of some of the most famous surf photographs ever taken while surrounded by iconic boards built and ridden by guys like Tom Blake, Velzy, Harbor, Lopez, Brewer, and many many others.

The show itself was great…it wasn’t stuffy or boring (like watching a slideshow or the latest powerpoint at work). It was surprisingly interactive…Tom stood in the middle of the seats and would walk us through each photo (or have Pat tell a funny story about what was happening behind the scenes) and they would both field questions from the audience. Tom seems like a great guy and he had a good sense of humor and had us all laughing at his stories.

It lasted a little over an hour and I think we blasted through about 300 radical photos…I am sure with Tom’s body of work he could have kept us captivated even longer.

The Surfing Heritage guys put on a good party too…kind food, good beer and wine, definitely worth the price of admission.

Anyway I brought along a camera to take some shots of the event (this is kind of a funny…I tried not let Tom see me taking photos…I was totally sure he would cringe at my techniques. Hahahaha I am lame)

Here are a few shots

As you can see the Surfing Heritage Foundation has lots of boards

No I mean lots of boards


Here are a couple of my favorites

“Lance, I just want my board back. You know how hard it is to find a good board!”

Plastic Fantastic

One of Duke’s original boards

Finally the SHF has a custom surfboard studio…if you have a board that you want documented you can take it into their office and get some shots taken. What is really rad is that they have a suction system that lets you stand the board straight up and down without hurting the board at all.

Here is a shot of a Hobie board in the studio

They are having an Art Brewer show in April…I am sure I will be sending out some reminders later…but they are a very good time. If you are into photography, surf history, and surf culture I would recommend attending.

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