Thursday, March 13, 2008

Friday’s Surf - Onshore and Sloppy

Friday is not looking like much of a surf day…and really the weekend isn’t looking much better either.

We will have more of the WNW/SW swell mix along with a building mix of NW swell (both short- and medium-period energy). Most spots will see continued wave heights in the waist-shoulder high+ range while the standouts, both NW breaks and combo spots, see some head high+ surf.

Unfortunately swell isn’t the problem…it is the weather. On Friday I am expecting a new cold front to push over the area bringing W-NW winds in the 10-20 knot range for the morning and possibly topping out in the 15-25 knot range by the afternoon. Possibility of drizzle in the morning as well.

Check out the satellite photo…you can see both the cold front and the low-pressure driving the front.

One Interesting thing to check out is Storm #2 in the background…that bad boy is pretty intense, it doesn’t look like it has a great forecast track on the charts, but I would expect at least a head high+ NW swell from it…probably around the 17-18th or so. I will have more details on this one over the weekend.

As far as the surf goes for Friday…I would probably write it off. Personally I am planning on getting caught up on chores and family time...(and drying out since I have surfed almost 13-14 days straight…I think this may have been the best Feb/March that we have had in the last 5-6 years).

If someone was holding a gun to your head and you had to surf on Friday look for a spot that is protected from the W winds, or have some sort of kelp or something to knock down some of the bump…there are not very many…and try to get on it early, it may be at least a little surfable in the morning.

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Anne Marie said...

13-14 Days?!! No wonder you have things to do at home!!!