Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thursday’s Surf – Starting to get a bit funky

I hope you have been surfing the last couple of days because it looks like the wheels are going to start to come off the nice conditions that we have been having.

That being said Thursday morning looks pretty surfable for most areas but it could be a bit bumpy-funky in a few spots.

The WNW/SW swell mix continues on Thursday…with very similar wave heights to what we have been seeing. Lots of spots in the waist-shoulder high+ range while the standout breaks, mostly the combo spots in San Diego and Orange County, will have head high and overhead sets.

The weather is what is going to be an issue. Winds in the outer waters are starting to crank up and it looks like we will see a fairly strong SoCal Eddy form tomorrow morning. Winds are expected to be out of the S-SE in the morning for San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. Santa Barbara to about Northern Ventura will have NW winds around 10+ knots in the morning. The afternoon looks pretty breezy W-SW winds around 10-15+ knots.

Here is a shot of the wind forecast for tomorrow…note the big blob of yellow/green next to Orange County…(that is not making me feel all fired up to check the surf in the morning).

Your best bet for waves is to head to spots where those winds are going to be offshore. Looks like some of Santa Barbara will be ok, particularly if the winds have more of a northerly bent to them. The best areas will be San Diego spots like La Jolla and the South Bay in LA…they should be the cleanest.

I am probably going to get up and check the cams early…if the wind isn’t showing on the web then you might be able to pick off a few before it gets going to bad.

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