Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekend’s Surf – It looks fun…but watch the wind

We will have fun surf on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

The mornings will be the best in terms of winds and shape but the protected areas will stay surfable through the afternoons of both days.

We have a good sized S-SW swell in the water that will continue to hold strong as we move into the weekend. There will also be a good dose of WNW windswell mixing in with the stronger southern hemi swell. Most breaks will see some energy from one swell or the other and will be running in the chest-shoulder high+ range. The standout S facing breaks and great combo spots will have shoulder-overhead surf with some inconsistent bigger sets mixing in on Saturday. Sunday will be smaller as the mix of swells start to slowly drop off.

Winds will be the issue this weekend…strong winds in the outer waters have been keeping the winds along our beaches sort of unstable…they haven’t really blown anything out for the dawn patrol but it hasn’t be completely clean either. It is sort of like having morning sickness for most of the day.

Today’s Winds

Anyway the next couple of days will be similar to what we have been having…expect a mix of variable onshore winds in the morning (NW in Ventura and Santa Barbara, and S-SW winds in LA, OC, and San Diego). Afternoons will be a bit breezier with winds hitting up around the 10-15 knot range.

You are going to have a lot of options for surf…some will be cleaner than others…some will be bigger than others…it will sort of be a compromise game between the conditions and the size of the surf you want. You will definitely see the biggest surf in the San Diego and Orange County areas…with some cleaner, but smaller pockets, of surf showing through parts of Ventura and North LA County. Personally I think that you will get the best shape at a point or a reef…particularly if it has a little protection (like a high cliff, or lots of kelp outside the lineup, or is just pointed the right way). I will definitely be out hunting for a spot over the weekend…

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