Sunday, March 2, 2008

Monday’s Surf: Starting the week off right!

Monday is looking like a surf day…maybe even a good surf day at the combo spots.

In the water we will have a mix of WNW and SW swell that started to hit on Sunday. This will hold through the day on Monday before starting to trail off.

Surfwise we can expect waves in the waist-shoulder high range at most exposed breaks, Santa Barbara spots will be a little smaller because of shadowing but they should still have a few fun waves. Standout areas like San Diego, parts of Southern Ventura, the South Bay, and areas in OC, will have shoulder-head high sets…maybe even a few overhead waves on the better tides.

Weather looks nice as well. Looks like offshore winds will develop tonight…and may even get a little gusty near passes and canyons. Most areas should have offshore shape through the dawn patrol. Those winds lighten up and stay light most of the afternoon…so there may be hope for an after work/school surf.

Your best bet is to take a quick look at the cams in the morning. Weather has been a little unstable and those winds may come in a touch northerly in the morning (which is a little junky for some spots). If it looks clean or offshore then get down to a good combo break…best shape will be at those spots that can pull in the mix of swells. I think beach breaks will be plenty fun thanks to the combo, the nice morning winds, and not having too-much swell in the water.


Anonymous said...

I am considering leaving the Central Coast (Morro Bay) and moving to Oceanside. Your blog about Oceanside surf gave me hope that there might be some fun in store down south beyond just having warmer water and a lighter wetsuit. Thanks for the excellent blog!

Adam Wright said...

Thanks for the comment! I am always glad when I can pass on a little stoke.

There are definitely worse places in the world to live compared to oceanside.

As for moving...on one hand you would be giving up a lot of big, meaty, cold surf during the winter and just a lot of swell consistency compared to the more sheltered SoCal..but down here you would get to trunk it most of the summer. The fall gets good...and you have a ton of other SD and OC spots within striking distance if you get bored surfing O-side harbor.

Sort of a toss up...well good luck with the decision...thanks again for the comment!