Monday, March 3, 2008

Surf For Tuesday: Another day of fun waves

Notes on Monday: I just got out of the water at HB State Beach and man it was good. Lots of crossed up a-frames with hollow corners…most of which were in the easy shoulder-head high range and few sets that were overhead. Of course the wind switched about 30 minutes after we paddled out (so about 12:30pm) and started going onshore…but even with the bump it was still pretty fun. I would keep an eye on it this afternoon…if the winds lighten up, or go offshore again it is worth trying to grab a few. Anyway…on to Tuesday…

Tuesday will be another good surf day.

It won’t be as offshore as Monday but winds are expected to be light in the morning and we will still have plenty of swell in the water.

We will have a mix of steady S-SW swell and a smaller WNW swell. Most breaks will continue to see waist-shoulder high surf while the standouts, Mostly OC and San Diego, see head high sets.

Winds will be light and variable in the morning before coming onshore around 10-15 knots out of the NW by the afternoon. One thing you may want to watch. Winds are supposed to be fairly north in the morning for Santa Barbara, Ventura, and LA. This probably won’t affect North LA of SB that much but there could be some side-shore texture in Ventura and the South bay.

The tide will be an issue in the morning…there is a 5’+ high tide that rolls in about an hour or so after sunrise. This will keep things pretty slow through the dawn patrol. So if you have to surf in the morning head to a break that can handle the high tide.

Your best bet for surf will be to wait out the morning tide…the tide is just so swampy that it is going to really tweak most breaks in the morning. Once the tide drops you are going to see the best surf at the combo breaks. San Diego and OC will be the biggest, and probably the cleanest, surf…while the other regions will be a little smaller and less consistent.

So to sum up:

1. wait for the tide to drop
2. biggest surf at the combo spots in SD and OC
3. Winds will be light but increasing in the afternoon

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