Monday, March 24, 2008

Tuesday’s Surf – Slowly building

Tuesday will be a surf day...and if you can get out in the morning is should be pretty fun.

We will have a mix of steady local windswell, and a new building S-SW swell that will fill in as we move throughout the day.

Most spots…the average breaks throughout SoCal…will be in the knee-waist high+ range. Standout spots, mostly in Orange County and San Diego, will have chest-shoulder high sets in the morning with a few bigger waves mixing in around sundown.

We will still have the high tides rolling through most of the day so expect it to be pretty boggy once they have gotten a foothold around lunchtime.

Weather should be ok as well…mostly light and variable winds in the morning with some onshore NW winds pushing through in the afternoon.

The dawn patrol is going to be your best bet on Tuesday…I wish there was going to be more SW swell showing early but since the tide is going to swamp it out we are going to need to get what we can, while we can. Beach breaks will have the best shape and a little more pop to the sets. The points and reefs will be working as well but may not connect as well as usual. Personally I am going to be checking the local beach breaks in the morning and see if I can pick off a few before they re-chain me to this computer.

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