Thursday, March 27, 2008

Friday’s Surf – The peak of the new SW’er

Friday will be a fun surf day…particularly at points/reefs exposed to the SW swell and are a little protected from local winds.

Our SW’er (185-210) will be peaking through the day. Most spots will see a mix of the SW swell and some still solid WNW windswell. Average breaks will be in the waist-head high range while the standout SW facing spots and great combo breaks see some overhead+ sets…a few of the better OC and SD surf breaks will have sets going a couple of feet overhead at times.

Here is the current CDIP modeling...(you may want to go where the colors get closer to yellow...I mean really it is just a theory I have)

Winds will be a little funky…sort of similar to Thursday. Santa Barbara and Ventura will have mostly NW winds…while LA, OC, and SD will have a mix of W-SW flow. It should be light in the morning, staying below 10 knots but it will build onshore through the afternoon to about 10-15 knots.

Your best bet for big waves will definitely be the more exposed San Diego and Orange County surf spots. The other regions will have exposed areas but they will still be a bit more shadowed and blocked off (from one swell direction or the other) so they will be smaller and less consistent.
I think that points and reefs will have the best shape and will be able to give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to the S-SW swell in particular. Beach breaks will be ok but may get more walled up as the wave heights get bigger.

One last thing…here is a shot I took at the wedge this evening. It wasn’t super huge yet but it was starting to throw some meaty ones. Here is a sponger about to get put into traction.

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