Monday, March 10, 2008

Tuesday’s Waves – Textured but Fun

Tuesday is looking like another fun surf day but there may be a little texture from the wind in the morning (and more in the afternoon).

We will have more of the WNW/SW combo swell. Wave heights will be around waist-chest high+ at the average spots while the standout combo spots see some shoulder high+ sets. There will be a high tide around mid-day but it isn’t as bad as it has been…so if you have a spot that can work with the higher tide it should stay surfable most of the day.

Conditions are where it gets a little shaky. NW winds are supposed to be picking up right at dawn…personally after looking a few of the charts I think they will be pretty light, maybe even variable for the first hour or two of daylight. By midmorning look for building NW texture and then by the afternoon winds should be up to 10-15 knots.

Your best bet for surf will still be those good combo spots in San Diego and OC…but there will be plenty of smaller waves in the other areas as well. Beach breaks and some of the point breaks have been pretty fun on the lower tides so those may by worth a check.

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