Monday, March 31, 2008

Tuesday’s Surf – Small with a touch of new SW swell

Tuesday is not going to be much of a surf day.

We will have mostly smaller swells in the water, there is a high tide that rolls through during the cleanest conditions in the morning, and the winds are expected to come onshore in the afternoon.

Swellwise we will have a mix of SW swells and some dropping local windswell. Our surf will be in the waist-high range for many areas while the standout combo spots, mostly in San Diego, will have some chest high+ sets as the tide drops.

There is a nearly 5’ high tide that hits right near 7am so expect the morning to be pretty swampy…probably even close to unsurfable at most spots. There may be a few waves breaking on the really good reefs and sandbars but expect those to be on the soft side too.

Winds will be light and variable onshore in the morning (but mostly below 5-8 knots). Afternoon winds build out of the west around 10+ knots.

I am going to be taking it easy in the morning…maybe walk the horse-dog or something…because it is going to be pretty bogged down by that high tide during the dawn patrol. For the rest of the day…I am going to keep my fingers crossed that our new SW swell builds in fast, the winds stay light, and the tide drop helps out the shape (I am not asking for much)…but if all those things pull together I think we might be able to grab a couple of fun ones a little before lunchtime.

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