Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Next Project – (aka Watch me cut my finger off)

Here is a little random fact about me…I am a closet woodworker and carpenter.

I am not sure why…something about being able to see a finished project (and not just shoot it off into cyberspace somewhere) is sort of fulfilling…though it probably helps that there are a lot of carpenters in my family.

Anyway I just came across something that looks pretty awesome…basically a way to combine two passions at once…surfing and woodworking.

Check this out…this company up in Maine makes hollow wood surfboards…and you can buy kits! (sorry if this is coming off like a product plug but I really am excited about this and not a single dollar is coming my way.)

Here is one that I would probably like to try and make…it is a classic 9’0” called “the Root”. It is made by a company called Grain Surfboards

and this is what it takes to build it...I can feel my sanity slipping away already.

Here is the link to the site to check them out (they have an incredible surf gallery on their site it makes me want to go longboard soul style.)

Hey if anyone out there has made one of their boards…or knows of another similar surfboard kit…let me know. I would be stoked to check it out.

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