Friday, March 14, 2008

The Weekend – Notice I didn’t say “Weekend’s Waves”…stupid wind

So I was sort of holding off this forecast hoping that I would have some better news for you guys concerning the surf for the weekend…and waiting longer didn’t help one little bit.

The long and short of it is that this weekend is going to suck for surfing.

We will have plenty of swell in the water in the form of fading WNW/SW energy from earlier in the week and a mix of building NW swell that is sort of a mix of both windswell and longer-period junk. Wave heights at the exposed breaks will be in the shoulder-head high range while standouts see bigger sets.

Shape and conditions are going to be the issue though…W-NW winds are forecast to blow 15-25+ knots most of the day on Saturday, then strengthen overnight into Sunday where they will eventually top out around 30-knots.

Check out these forecast charts…this first one is Saturday morning…

…and this is Sunday morning.

Unfortunately this wind direction does not leave many spots untouched by the onshore bump…particularly as the winds start breaking the 20 knot range. There may be some rare pockets of at least semi-rideable slop along some of the points up in the Santa Barbara, Northern LA County, and a few extremely protected areas in both OC and San Diego but I wouldn’t expect much. Personally I am going to sleep in, eat cereal, and watch cartoons all morning on Saturday and Sunday.

Good thing that Lucky Charms has bigger freaking marshmellows! (did I mention that inside I am just a big 10-year old...)

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