Saturday, March 1, 2008

Surf Break Map: South Oceanside, Oceanside, San Diego, California

South Oceanside is about 2 miles of mostly open beach break that stretches from Oceanside pier down toward the Carlsbad city limits.

The surf is like most of the beach breaks in Southern California and it depends a lot on what type of swell we have in the water. It closes out around head high on bigger S-SW swells and at about the same size on bigger winter swells. Occasionally you get some shifting sandbars moving down the beach that sets up a little better shape.

Again, like most of Oceanside, it does the best on the combo swells. What is nice though, is that when it gets good you can surf pretty much anywhere along the stretch and score similar waves. So if you don’t like the crowd at that peak…and the longboarders on the next section keep burning you…and the knee boarders are pissing you off because they keep getting sick little but deep barrels…then you just move down the beach and surf pretty much the same wave with less people.

Spot details:Best swell direction: S through WNW (180-285), but it really like the combo swells.
Best Wind: NE through E winds or light and variable winds
Sea Floor: Sand
Best Season: Mostly Fall and Spring but can get good anytime you have a mix of swells.
Crowds: Not bad most of the year…but they do get heavy in the summer. Weekends in the summer are probably the worst that it gets.


tom said...

O'side BLVD....smokin...less clowns than Wisconsin...keepme informed...thank ya...Tommy T.

Chris said...

oside bouly is where it's at. in a good combo that place gets crowded too though. like during the fires in october. flippin 100 people at oside blvd.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, fire swells . . . I scored an overhead, hollow peak a touch south of the south jetty with NOBODY for an hour on the best day.

Anonymous said...

list of breaks:
tyson street-a pretty good sand bar south of the pier
wisconsin street-lots of parking and beach break
oside blvrd- easy to find and a good beach break
buccanear beach-there used to be a pier here a long time ago ,but now its beach break with an occational sand bar
cassady street: a great place to hang out and smoke weed and killer beach break
1919/st.malos- beach entrance south of cassady street with a 1/5 mile of fun beach break with no one out
Army Navys (named after the army navy academy): The entrance to the beuna vista fresh water lagoon. There also used to be a house in the line up a long time ago. Now its a shallow sand bar that likes to bowl up. There also almost always seems to be a rip current straight out from the lagoon entrance.

Anonymous said...

If you don't live on Ocean Street, don't surf anywhere near the Army and Navy Academy.

You are not welcome here.

The stupid surf contests, surf clubs, surf schools, camps, and people driving in from other places, is making this place crowded and polluted.


Anonymous said...

Go surf Tamarack if you want to surf Carlsbad... stay away from Army Navy Beach!