Friday, February 1, 2008

Weekend Waves – More freaking storm!

So the weekend is starting to look a little slop-tacular…I think it will be semi-surfable on Saturday (depending on the spot) and then blown out and storm both Sunday and Monday.

Saturday will see a mix of WNW and SW swell along with some local windswell. Most spots will be around waist-chest high with some shoulder high sets. Shape will be on the warbly side…sort of windswelly with an occasional cross-up from the punchier WNW/SW combo. Like I said it will be rideable but may spots will feel a little mixed up. Expect S-SW wind around 5-10 knots through the morning as well…those winds will increase through the afternoon and into Sunday.

If you are going to surf on Saturday you best bet is a good combo spot that can pull in a little bit of the windswell as well. If you are looking for cleaner conditions you are also going to want to hit up spots that are protected from the S winds. (Spots in Ventura, the South Bay, Central OC, and La Jolla usually do the best on these winds). Biggest surf will continue to show through San Diego but, like Friday, there will be fun sized waves in almost every region (expect north Santa Barbara…it will be pretty small up there).

Sunday is forecast to be stormy. Building S winds 15-25 knots and periods of rain will move in throughout the day. I think this will be pretty much a write off from the get go…even if the storm moves through fast winds are likely to shift to the W around 20-25+ knots so it will still be blown out.

Personally I am going to try and check it early on Saturday…maybe go longboarding if the tide is too high. Then I am going to sleep in on Sunday and save my strength for drinking beer and eating chips during the superbowl.

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