Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wednesday’s Waves – the hits just keep on coming

Of course since I am fighting off a case of the “Poo-River Flu” the surf has to be bigger and more consistent than it has been in a while. Fortunately it looks like it will continue to pump out a few WNW waves for the next several days.

On Wednesday I expect the fun run of WNW swell to continue.

We will actually be getting a new little pulse of WNW energy (280-300) to help reinforce what we already have in the water. Most spots will continue to see waist-shoulder high surf while the best winter standouts see head high+ sets on the better tides.

Winds and weather are expected to be nice as well…some patchy fog at times…but with light morning winds and just some average NW bump in the afternoon’s

I hate to keep beating a dead horse here but you should be able to find some fun waves at any winter spot in your area. If you are looking for bigger surf head to San Diego, Southern Ventura County, or possibly parts of the South Bay (if you can find a sand bar there).

It has been little lined up at the beach breaks at times so look for the best shape at points and reefs…or maybe a good really good sandbar…you know, if your homemade car-wreck reef (made exclusively out of old ford mavericks) isn’t quite working yet. Damn artificial reefs!

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