Friday, February 15, 2008

Surf Break Map: Barb-Wires, Trestles Surf Area, California

Surf Break Map: Barb-Wires

Barb-wires is a short sectiony wave that breaks on the reef that, if the point was more developed, would have been the left off of Uppers. Located between Cottons and Uppers, Barb-wires is sort a crowd bleed-off wave…it is right in front of where the Cristianitos trail ends and it is sectiony enough that you can paddle out and grab a couple of ok (but not great) waves fairly quickly.

Most times, if you are a decent surfer, paddling out at barb-wires when you have 3 really good waves close by is sort of like torturing yourself. You end up riding these short little sections while waaaay better waves peel down the close-by points. The wave itself can be very sectiony and almost walled up on certain swells, particularly when there is only one swell in the water. Barb-wires is a semi-friendly spot for people that are learning (but aren’t just beginning to surf), not ready to battle for waves, don’t like crowds, or don’t like surfing long waves because it makes their legs tired.

Barb-wires is at its best (best being a relative term of course) on a combo swell of S and W-WNW energy. The crossed up swell mix treats Barb-wires more like a beach breaks and helps to add a touch more definition to the wave. There will still be better waves at the other areas but you won’t feel like kicking yourself quite as much.

Spot details
Best swell direction: Small to medium swell combo of S-SW swell (180-220) and W-WNW swell (260-280)
Best Wind: E, light-moderate Santa Ana winds are the best.
Sea Floor: Mix of rock, sand, and sea-grass
Best Season: Pretty much the same year round but more likely to get the swell combo in the Spring and Fall.
Crowds: It is fickle enough that it gets really crowded when it breaks.


Anonymous said...

stop bagging on the other breaks at trestles. You make them sound so bad, just because there not as good as the other breaks at trestles they are still some of the best waves in California and barb wires is not walled off. I get long waves there all the time.

Tony V said...

Adam is just being honest. There are times though when Barb-wires will be a better choice then cottons like when the the high tide exceeds 4 feet and the swell's not that strong. However uppers will still have more lined up waves in this case. So it's just a matter if you're hellbent on going left.

Rich said...

SHHHHHHHHHH Let them keep saying barbs sucks!!!!!!!! I KNOW AND YOU KNOW IF YOU REALLY KNOW...... NOW SHHHHHHHHH Everybody can go to Uppers and Cottons because it really is a better wave.....

ElmoX said...

Barbed Wires can be really really fun. Sometimes, i dont wanna mess with the agro or the crowds of uppers, lowers or cottons i go to Barbed Wires. There can be some really fun A frame peaks. It may not be as good as uppers or cottons. but for a rest between the crowds and the agro, i hang at barbed wires for a bit, than paddle back to wherever. Ty