Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thursdays surf – It looks just like how I feel.

Adam Feels = Thursdays Surf = Crappy.

Seriously the River Mouth Bird Flu has been kicking my butt…fortunately the nice ladies at the Doctors office have got me squared away with some drugs so I should be better shortly.

Anyway on to the surf. Not a lot of changes expected tomorrow morning.

Our swell will be a mix of leftover WNW swell and local windswell, the tide will be super high about 8-9am, and the winds will be onshore out of the W around 10-15 knots.

This will be another good day to stay in bed.

In the afternoon the shape will not improve but we will start to see a new WNW swell (285-300) start to arrive. It will show mostly in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and parts of LA before sundown…but there may be a slight increase in OC and SD before the sun sets.

This new swell will peak overnight into Friday and will be good for shoulder high+ surf at most W facing breaks. Standout NW spots in San Diego and Ventura will have head high and overhead sets. Winds on Friday are looking a little better too…they are forecast to switch to a more Southerly direction which would help to clean up a few spots. Check back tomorrow I will another update for Friday.

So to sum up Thursday. Thursday = Crappy. Stay in bed.

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