Monday, February 11, 2008

Tuesday’s Surf – More WNW swell fun

Tuesday will be another good surf day. (Looks like we are going to have a lot of these over the next several days)

We have a new WNW swell currently filling in this afternoon and it looks like it will peak over night into Tuesday. This new WNW’er is a little better aimed but about the same size as the swell over the weekend.

We can expect surf in the waist-shoulder high range at most spots while the standout breaks, again mostly in San Diego and Ventura, see shoulder-overhead sets on the better parts of the tide swing. With the low tide coming through early in the morning it looks like the dawn patrol could be pretty fun.

Winds look good for Tuesday as well…expect light and variable to light-offshore conditions in the morning with some light NW winds (around 10-15 knots) developing in the afternoon.

While a lot of breaks are going to be picking up energy from this swell I really think that the winter points and reefs are going to be the best call. This is mostly because we don’t have much to break up this swell…and the quickly shifting tide has a tendency to close out the shape on the extreme low-tide…and then turn everything to shorebreak on the high-tide. To get the most out of this swell I would recommend finding a NW facing point/reef that isn’t too tide sensitive. A really good sandbar might be a good back-up if you don’t have anything else close by.

Further out it looks like another pretty good sized storm is brewing in the NPAC…we will have another WNW swell lining up for the 14th and probably another one on the 16th…more details on these in upcoming posts.

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