Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thursday’s surf – Cleaner with more surf!

Wednesday’s surf sort of crapped out faster than I was expecting. The eddy was forecast to be quite a bit lighter but it came on strong for OC and SD areas by mid-morning. Ventura and LA stayed pretty nice but had issues at times too.

Anyway on to Thursday…surf looks good again. Thursday will definitely be a surf day.

We will have a new WNW swell (seriously we are getting a lot of these in a row), some very minor SW energy, and some leftover local windswell. Most spots will continue to have waist-shoulder high surf while NW facing breaks have head high sets.

Standout areas in San Diego and Ventura (and the South Bay) will have surf in the shoulder-head high range with some overhead sets.

Conditions are looking good…E winds 10-15 knots (and even stronger at times in LA, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties) will be on tap through the morning. Expect mostly light onshore flow in the afternoon.

With these sort of winds, the fact that we will be dropping toward a low tide, and the other fact that we will have a consistent WNW swell in the water you will have a pretty good chance at getting fun waves tomorrow. I personally am probably going to just wake up and head to my nearest W facing break to see what I can find. I still think points/reefs will be the best call but if you don’t mind a little paddling you should be able to find a corner somewhere.

See you guys out there…

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