Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Waves for Wednesday – Stay in bed…seriously. Just surf your pillow.

Ok last post for the day…I promise.

Wednesday’s surf isn’t looking very fun. In fact it isn’t even looking rideable through the morning high tide.

We will have mostly leftover WNW swell (and a touch of very steep NW swell hanging in the background). Most spots will start off waist-high and smaller with mostly shorebreak shape. A few of the standout high-tide NW spots will have some chest high waves on the best sets.

Conditions are looking sloppy. SW winds around 10 knots and drizzle are expected through the morning. Those winds turn more W by the afternoon…and then increase into the 10-20 knot range by the evening/night.

If there were going to be a surf window it would be in the morning but since the tide is going to kill it that kind of screws us. Onshore winds and rain will help seal the “no surfing” deal once the tide drops.

I will be in bed.

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