Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wednesday’s Waves – Small and Fun

Wednesday looks playful…probably better for longboarding in the morning with the higher tide.

In the water we will have a mix of leftover WNW swell (280-290) and a little bit of S-SW swell (190). Most spots hold around waist high. Standout breaks, mostly in San Diego and southern Ventura, will have some chest high sets.

Winds are expected to be light in the morning…even light offshore around sunrise. They switch more onshore in the afternoon.

I will probably skip the dawn patrol…the tide will be high, it will be pretty damn chilly, and there isn’t enough swell to really pry me out of bed. I will keep an eye on it though…if the wind holds off it could be fun around lunchtime.

This isn’t really a day I would recommend driving anywhere for…try and surf locally if you can. If not…well it probably won’t hurt to let the water quality improve just a little bit more.

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