Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Travel Alert: Baja Mexico

If you have been reading the blog, or the full forecasts over on, you probably have read that SoCal is going to be getting a fun mix of WNW/SW swells over the next several days.

Well in this case, what is good for SoCal is going to be pretty good for Baja too…

Because we have series of WNW pulses and S-SW southern hemi swells arriving Wednesday through Monday, almost all of Baja is going to have some sort of surf as we move through the weekend and into early next week.

Most of the average breaks, (spots that only get one of the swell directions or just isn’t that great of a break) will be consistently in the chest-shoulder high+ range.

Standout spots, (good combo breaks and the “swell magnet” spots), will be in the shoulder-overhead range fairly consistently and see some sets going a couple of feet overhead as we see the swell combo peak on Thursday/Friday and again on Sunday/Monday.

Weather looks good for the region as well. Mostly light winds in the mornings with NW flow around 10-15 knots will be on tap for the afternoons.

Even the Tip of Baja (Cabo and the East Cape) will be getting some action from these swells. They will be a bit smaller because they are shadowed from a lot of the W-WNW energy but you will still see surf in the chest-shoulder high range at the average spots while the best standout breaks in the area see head high sets as the SW swells peak (one on Thursday and another on Sunday/Monday).

Tickets from LAX to Cabo are cheap right now…$273 roundtrip on! (if you left tomorrow Feb 28th and came back on Thursday March 6th).

But you don’t need to fly…there will be a ton of places to score waves within driving distance.

If I were single and didn't have to pay rent I would be on it...instead I need to live vicariously through you guys.

Let me know how it is if you head down that way...good luck!

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