Friday, February 29, 2008

Random Morning Update: Friday "I hate you so much eddy"

Hey guys just doing my dawn patrol stuff...looks like there is a little eddy wind on it this morning. Not enough to blow it out but it is adding some texture to the more exposed breaks.

Surf is in the waist-shoulder high range for most of the combo breaks but the standouts spots, in San Diego, South Bay, and OC are seeing some head high and overhead sets.

Winds look like they will eddy most of the morning...maybe lay down a touch mid-morning and then shift onshore pretty quick this afternoon.

Your best bet is to get out there this morning and find a spot that has some protection from the south winds (parts of Ventura, the South Bay, Central OC...around Dana Point/Laguna areas, and down near La Jolla in SD). Those areas will stay the cleanest the longest and all have good exposure to the swell mix.

I am heading out soon to get some myself...I might post a quick post-surf update later this morning.

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