Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thursday’ Surf: Fun Conditions and More Waves

Thursday will be a good surf day.

I was actually just down at the beach for lunch and it looks like it has started to pick up a touch more already.

On Thursday we will have new WNW swell (280-295) and a stronger, better aimed, SW swell (190-210). Overall, all regions, will be bigger and more consistent than Wednesday. Wave heights at the average spots will be in the chest-head high range. Standout breaks will have some overhead sets mixing…and the best combo breaks will have some bigger sets mixing in.

Winds are expected to be light through the day…mostly light and variable through the morning with some W-NW winds building in around 10 knots through the afternoon.

This is such a good mix of WNW and SW energy that at least some of the energy will make it into almost every break. The W-WNW swell will actually be the strongest so look for the biggest waves at the “winter spots”. Purely summer spots will be smaller and less consistent but should still be rideable and playful in many areas.

Your best bet for getting good surf will be the combo breaks, particularly spots through San Diego and Orange County. Spots in each region will be able to pick up both swells, which means more size and more waves. Exposed reefs and sandbars will be the best call…points may be a little sectiony as they get crossed up by the swell mix.

Personally I am going to head down to the beach early and check out the local beach break (and a couple of the sand bars). I think the beach breaks will have decent shape and should be able to spread out the crowd a bit…who knows maybe I will find a peak for myself.

(psst I want the beach breaks to look like this…)

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