Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wednesday’s Surf: Start of the fun combo swell mix

Wednesday is looking like a fun surf day.

Weather should be nice, there will still be plenty of surf out there, and a new SW swell starts to blend into our swell mix and should start to help to improve surf shape.

In the water we will have the fading W swell, some local windswell, and this new building SW swell (200-220), which will be a little inconsistent at first but it should fill in more by the afternoon.

Wave heights will be in the chest-shoulder high range at most spots through SoCal. Standout breaks in Ventura, San Diego, and the best areas of the LA South Bay, will have some shoulder-overhead surf…maybe even a few bigger waves still showing through the morning.

Winds will be light and variable through the morning before turning more NW and building to around 10-knots in the afternoon.

Like I said above it looks like a fun surf day. I think the best shape will continue to show at the W-facing points and reefs, particularly through the morning when we are seeing predominately W swell. Beach breaks will be a bit more surfable than the last couple of days but the sandbars got really tweaked by this big swell so expect to have to hunt around to find a decent area at the more exposed beaches, like HB, for example.

Shape everywhere should improve as the SW’er starts filling in…exposed beach breaks will start to see more peaky shape…and if the winds stay light, could be fun by the afternoon.

Further Out

Thursday and Friday are looking even more fun than Wednesday.

We will have a stronger mix of both the peaking SW and a new W swell. Many spots will build back into the shoulder-head high+ range while the standout combo spots see some overhead+ sets. Hopefully these swells will play well together and set up some decent shape for all of the exposed areas.

I will have more details on Thursday/Friday tomorrow…but I would start thinking about excuses for ditching school, work, and/or significant others later this week.

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