Sunday, February 17, 2008

Waves on Monday – Get it while you can

We will still have plenty of surf on Monday and it should be fun (and less crowded) for the dawn patrol.

Our WNW swell (285-300) from the weekend will be losing some steam but we will see some good-sized surf at the standout winter breaks. Most spots will hold around waist-shoulder high range. Standout WNW facing spots, mostly in San Diego, will have some head high sets.

Conditions look good as well. Mostly light/variable winds in the morning. Expect NW winds around 10 knots to build in through the afternoon.

Finding good surf will be very similar to the weekend. Biggest waves show in San Diego and some parts of Ventura but you should be able to find rideable size at pretty much any W facing break. Points/Reefs are going to be the best call on getting decent shape…beach breaks will still be walled up but since the size is dropping there may be a few more corners on the better sandbars.

I would try and get some surf on Monday…it looks like slightly stormy/eddy conditions start to develop on Tuesday and hold through much of the week. Looks like SW winds and some drizzle will work to hamper shape for most of the week.

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