Sunday, February 10, 2008

Monday’s waves – WNW swell continues

Monday will be a fun surf day.

Our WNW swell from the weekend will continue to put waves on the beaches at the winter spots…we even get a similar sized reinforcement of WNW energy that helps to hold wave heights through the day. On average expect similar sizes to Sunday’s surf…lots of NW spots in the chest-shoulder high+ range while the standout winter breaks, mostly in SD and Ventura, have some overhead sets on the lower tides.

Winds and weather will be nice. Light variable winds through the morning with some onshore NW winds developing through the afternoon. Sunny skies for most of the day.

I love surf days like this…we have had a decent swell for most of the weekend so a lot of people got out into the water and sort of got it out of the system…then a work-day rolls around and presto the line-up seems sort of empty. I think there will be enough swell on tap on Monday that it may be worth driving around and checking a few breaks. If you are looking for bigger surf stick to the San Diego and Ventura areas. OC and LA will have some decent size at the winter spots but those other regions will be more consistent. Santa Barbara will be working but expect less size than other areas.

The high tide will bog things down again but the peak of the tide is a bit later in the day so I think the dawn patrol will be a good call.

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