Monday, February 25, 2008

Surf for Tuesday: West swell dropping

Tuesday should be a bit more surfable than Monday was and in general it should be fun if you pick the right spot.

In the water we will have the W swell losing some steam while a small pulse of SW energy starts to move into the background. Wave heights will still hold in the shoulder-head high+ range for most W facing breaks. Standout spots, mostly at the usual breaks in San Diego, the South Bay, and Ventura, will have sets going overhead to a few feet overhead in the morning.

Winds will be light in the morning…mostly variable below 10 knots. Expect NW winds 10+ knots to develop through the afternoon.

I think that W facing points and reefs will still be the best call if you are looking for surf on Tuesday. There will still be a lot of energy in the water and most of the beach breaks will be pretty walled…not to mention the sandbars will be jacked by the strong surf we had on Monday and there will still be lots of current running down the beach.

The S-facing breaks will still be working but they will be quite a bit smaller than yesterday, in fact they will probably be better for longboarding than shortboarding.

So I would plan on checking a point or reef in the morning...and expect the biggest sizes to show through San Diego and Ventura.

Quick Heads Up: The surf later this week is looking pretty fun. We will have a W-WNW and SW swell in the water, neither of which will be huge, but the combo of swells could set up some pretty fun shape at the exposed areas. I will have more info on this tomorrow but I would plan on trying to get some waves later this week.

P.S. I got a few shots of big surf at the HB Cliffs this morning and a few pics of dumpy barrels at the South Side of Seal Beach Pier. I will post them later tonight.

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