Friday, February 22, 2008

Storm Update: A Round in the chamber

So after having a few mai-tais at happy hour I decided to check the satellites/charts on this storm one last time today.

The storm that is supposed to set up the W swell for Sunday/Monday (mostly arriving Monday) is just starting to pop this evening.

Check out this new satellite photo. You can see how tight the rotation is developing near the center of low-pressure.

It gets even more dramatic if you watch the animation, which you can see at this link.

Totally Random Fact Alert!

The craziest part about this storm is that because of where it is developing we actually won’t see much energy show on the outer buoys.

These are the long-range buoys, SE Papa Buoy #46006, and California Buoy #46059, that can generally give us about a day to two days notice of an incoming NPAC swell. Unfortunately when you get a storm that brews up close to the coast it can slip inside the 500 mile buoy before it has really started to develop.

It appears that this storm is going to do just that…check out this picture of the WavewatchIII swell model. You can see the huge red blob of swell is headed towards us but it is passing below the California Buoy.

What is nice about these types of swells is that they tend to be pretty strong and they tend to have a really “democratic” westerly swell angle, which means that almost all of the SoCal regions (Santa Barbara through San Diego…and most of Northern Baja) will get a pretty equal punch of this swell.

Looks like we are still on target for Monday.

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