Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Swell Alert: Central America & Mainland Mexico

I probably won’t normally be kicking out too many alerts for Mexico/Central America but I figured “Hey it is February…maybe there are few people that want to break out of the cold-water blues”. So threw together this alert when I saw the new activity brewing in the South Pacific.

Right now there is a pretty decent sized storm moving across the SPAC and is in the process of setting up a good-sized (particularly for February) SW swell (210-225) that will arrive in Central America and Mainland Mexico on February 26th. Even better is that this storm is being followed by a couple of other systems that will help to reinforce the first SW’er and may even send in bigger surf.

What this means is that overhead+ SW swell fills in on February 26th and thanks to those following swells (200-220+) the overhead+ surf will continue to hold through the end of the month and likely through the first few days into March. I would expect overhead surf at the average breaks while the deepwater standouts, like Puerto Escondido, see sets going several feet overhead to nearing the double overhead range.

I was just checking flight costs and you can get a round-trip to San Jose, Costa Rica for like $500 bucks. So if you like big, warm surf and have some vacation time saved up it is probably worth taking a trip.

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