Friday, February 8, 2008

Waves for the weekend – Slow Saturday but fun on Sunday.

New swell arrives this weekend. Most of it will be WNW energy (290-300) but there will be a touch of S-SW swell (190-210) hanging in the background. In general Saturday is going to be slow…particularly through the morning high tide. Sunday on the other hand is looking much more fun as the WNW’er fills in.

Here are the details…(which are surprisingly similar to the update I had posted yesterday)

The swell will start arriving on Saturday. It will be pretty slow in the morning but parts of Santa Barbara and Ventura will see an increase in size as we head past lunchtime. It is worth noting that Santa Barbara is mostly shadowed from this swell so don’t expect a ton out of the spots up there (definitely not worth driving for…if you have to drive, go south). Spots south of Rincon will be bigger but you won’t see the main push of the swell until you move into Ventura proper.

OC and San Diego may see a few new waves before sundown…but in general there won’t be much of an increase on Saturday.

On Sunday the new swell will peak. Most NW facing spots will see surf in the waist-shoulder high range while the winter standouts in each area (except Santa Barbara) will have some head high sets at times. The tide will still sort of work it at times so plan your session around the swing.

San Diego spots will see the most energy out of this swell. These areas will have surf consistently in the chest-head high range while the best winter spots, particularly ones that like the long-period swell, will have consistent shoulder-overhead surf.

Winds and weather look good for both days so you should be able to find plenty of spots that are working…if you have the time it may even be worth driving around to find a quality wave.

I will probably see a few of you in the water on Sunday...have a great weekend!

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