Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Surf on Thursday – Another small & playful day

Thursday will be pretty similar to Wednesday…maybe a touch less swell overall but not really that much difference in size.

We will continue to see a mix of SW and WNW energy in the water along with just a touch of local windswell. Surf will be right around waist high for most areas. San Diego, and maybe the South Bay, will have some chest high sets.

Tides will continue to be an issue…so expect it to be pretty bogged down through most of the morning. There may be a slightly better window for the dawn patrol than we have had for the last couple of days…but even with that it is going to be pretty swamped out.

Winds and weather will be nice. Mostly light offshore and sunny through the morning.

Personally I am going to probably shine it in the morning. Not enough swell to really get me interested…but I may take a look at it during lunch to see if the tide drop helps it.

If you do head down to surf make sure to bring the right gear…longboard or a fish will be the best call…pick a good high-tide spot too…something with a real shallow sandbar or reef would be the best bet.

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