Thursday, February 21, 2008

Friday’s Surf – More swell, and it looks like more wind

Friday looks like it may have a few waves, but it will be rainy, supposedly windy, and we will still be trying to muscle through a high tide in the morning. Overall I don’t think it will be a very good surf day.

In the water we will have a mix of WNW swell (285-300), NW windswell, and a touch of S-SW windswell too. Most spots will be around waist-shoulder high once the tide drops. Standout breaks, mostly in San Diego and Ventura, will be in the shoulder-head high+ range.

Conditions are not looking great though. It is supposed to start raining this evening/night and it is expected to continue through into tomorrow. Winds are expected to be out of the SW around 10-15 knots through most of the day.

Since there will be some waves/swell in the water it probably isn’t worth totally writing the day off. The wind direction isn’t particularly good but it could come in a touch more S or even SE…looking at the charts the set-up that is causing the winds tomorrow is a bit unstable…so there is a chance that we could get a more favorable wind, particular in the morning.

I think your best bet is to get up and check the cams in the morning. The high tide hits around 10am…so there may be a window of surf at breaks that are protected from the Southerly winds. (Areas like Southern Ventura, The South Bay, La Jolla, Dana Point/Laguna in OC will be your best bets.) Get it early looks a lot winder during the afternoon.

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