Monday, February 4, 2008

Tuesday’s surf – Poo-water with a side of waves

Tuesday looks surfable…but you are going to need to weigh the value of surfing semi-ok windswell over getting exposed to the rain-runoff nastiness.

In the water we will have a mix of quickly dropping NW windswell, some background long-period NW energy, and some S-SW swell from the South Pacific. Most spots will be around knee-chest high while the top combo breaks, mostly in San Diego and OC, will have some shoulder high sets through the morning and on the lower tide.

Winds are supposed to really improve overnight. Expect N-NE winds 10 knots and below through the morning. The will stay light…maybe shift a little NW…in the afternoon.

I think it could be fun tomorrow, particularly on the lower tide, but I am still a little leery of the water quality. I took a walk down along Newport Beach this afternoon and the water was totally poop brown and the river was still pumping out more. Personally I may wait until lunch and then go check it…but if it doesn’t look really fun I will probably shine it until the water looks a little better. If you can find a spot that doesn’t get hammered by run-off…that will probably be your best bet.

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