Monday, February 18, 2008

Tuesday’s Surf – Getting a little funky

I don’t think Tuesday will be that great of a surf day. It should be rideable but shape is going to be hurt by the tide, conditions, and dropping swell.

Our mix of WNW swell will be dropping off fast on Tuesday and will have to contend with a 6’+ high tide in the morning, which means surf shape and size are going to get a working over. Expect mostly knee-waist high surf at W facing breaks while the best NW standouts (that can handle a high tide) will have some chest high sets.

Weather shouldn’t be horrible in the morning but expect some S-SW texture at the more exposed beaches. Look for more onshore wind, drizzle, and possibly some rain by the afternoon.

Personally I think your best bet is to check the cams in the morning…there may be a few waves struggling through the high tide…but I definitely wouldn’t make much of an effort to get to the surf. There may be a small window of surf in between when the tide starts to drop and before the wind start to increase…that might be your best chance of getting a few rideable ones.

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