Thursday, January 31, 2008

Friday’s Surf - Watch the wind

Friday looks like another surf day…at least for part of SoCal.

Forecasts are calling for a new cold-front to start pushing through the outer waters before dawn on Friday and starting to hit land around sun-up. Unfortunately it looks like W-NW winds will be blowing through Santa Barbara, Ventura, and LA counties as we hit the dawn patrol. OC and San Diego will be cleaner…there may be some bump early but not as bad as the northern spots. OC/SD can expect those winds to pick up pretty fast as we move through mid morning.

Here is a shot of the winds at sun-up….12 Zulu time is about 4am our time.

This is just a forecast though so there may be some wriggle-room as to when the winds will actually push into the area. If you were planning on surfing in SB, VEN, LA areas you may want to wait and check the cameras before heading to the beach.

SD and OC areas will likely be more surfable but don’t expect completely glassy conditions either.

Wavewise we will still have some fun waves in the water thanks to a mix of SW and WNW swell. Most spots will hold around the waist-chest high range with some inconsistent bigger…near shoulder high+ sets at the standout combo spots. Again the biggest and most consistent surf will likely be in San Diego but OC, the South Bay, and some spots in Ventura will have some decent sets as well.

Personally I am going to check the cameras in the morning…and if looks like the wind is going to hold off I will go down and check it in person. The tide will be a little high as well so I am going to make sure to look at the better sandbars.

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