Thursday, January 24, 2008

Friday’s Surf – Yeah more storminess!

Sorry gang I wish I had better news…but it looks like Friday is going to be another sloppy day. In fact it looks a little worse than Thursday, which had a couple of semi-clean spots in the morning.

Friday the mix of windswell and WNW/SW energy will continue to rise but shape looks poor thanks to the continued storm S-SW winds. Winds will range around 10-25 knots with some stronger gusts mixing in. There is a chance for San Diego and parts of OC to see some SE winds early in the morning but expect those to turn more onshore by mid-morning.

High tide continues to slam us through mid-morning as well. Personally I may go look at the surf if I am sick of being inside but I won’t be bringing my gear…poor water quality and poor conditions are pretty much a deal breaker for me.

Further Out…Saturday is looking about as bad as Friday, winds will slowly shift more SW-W and blow most of the day. Windswell will be up but shape will continue to be poor. Sunday the winds will back slowly down but the whole region will be unstable and we can expect consistent onshore flow for most of the day.

I won’t be updating tomorrow…my little brother is getting married and I have some serious partying to do!

I will probably shoot out another update on Sunday afternoon…check back then.

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