Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Waves for Wednesday – Don’t hold your breath

Wednesday is looking pretty sloppy…conditions will be very similar to Tuesday but with more wind and rain. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Wavewise there will be a continued small mix of local windswell and some background WNW/SW energy. Wave heights will continue to be on the small side…mostly waist high and below during the morning high tide (and not much better as the tide drops in the afternoon).

Wind is forecast to be out of the SE around 10-15 knots in the morning. Not the worst direction for some select breaks but not particularly great for the majority. If you have to surf try and find spots that face a little more WNW…they should be cleaner than other breaks.

Don’t expect to see me out there…I have an important appointment with my pillow that I am planning on keeping.

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