Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Surf on Wednesday – Now with a slightly lower chance of brown trout

Wednesday will have plenty of waves. The WNW mix that has been pushing through will continue to send in some surf but it will lose a little steam, at least in the morning. Most exposed breaks will continue to see chest-shoulder high surf while the standout winter areas in SD and Ventura see some head high sets.

Shape will still be a little stacked up…sort of wind-swelly and warbly at times…but it should be fun at spots that like the shorter period swells. Beach breaks with good sandbars, jetties, and piers always seem to be pretty fun on swells like these.

Water quality will still be an issue, particularly in areas that have had a ton of rain…you will probably be all right if you stay away from river mouths and storm drains. If you really want to be safe I would hold off for a couple of days.

I will probably wait one more day to let the water clean up a touch more…but I am stoked on the new WNW swell that hits later this week with cleaner conditions and longer-period swells…I think it will be pretty fun.

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